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Here's how just a few of SAINT's customers have used SAINT to improve their services and bottom lines.


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Civilian U.S. Government

Using SAINT to Support IT Change Management – Critical Security Control for Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation

SAINT is invaluable in identifying weakness and providing details for analysis in that process, as well as initiating remediation for noted weaknesses. SAINT ensures that the change management process is effective in identifying issues by ensuring that weaknesses are corrected and validated prior to their deployment into production."

Had SAINT not been used for assessments, the work would take a significant number of man-hours. SAINT often enables our technical staff the ability to provide an initial assessment in less than an hour, sometimes within minutes, of SAINT completing its scan."

— Steven Narro, IT Phenoms, Inc.

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University of Texas at Austin
Industry – Education

The University of Texas at Austin Information Security Office is using SAINTmanager to protect sensitive data on their network.

"Using a centralized authentication and authorization mechanism, technical staff members have the ability to log into the SAINTmanager system and scan only the networks for which they are responsible.

Feedback from the technical staff on campus has been positive, and several groups regularly scan their networks for vulnerabilities using scheduled scans.  The ISO uses the SAINT system as its primary network vulnerability tool for risk assessments, PCI compliance assessments, system profiling, and network-wide vulnerability sweeps."

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Raveneye ethical hacking services

RavenEye security engineers use SAINT to perform vulnerability assessments and penetration tests for businesses of all shapes and sizes across the United States.

SAINT is a critical tool utilized by RavenEye to stay up-to-date on vulnerability checks that are added regularly to the SAINT database.
As a regular practice, RavenEye security engineers carry a laptop with SAINT installed so that the tool may be used when visiting different environments. Because of the variety of systems and software assessed, SAINT is extremely valuable for easily identifying any potential vulnerabilities and exploits.
SAINT support has been of the highest quality for RavenEye. The support team is always available to answer questions and troubleshoot when issues arise. Even more importantly, the updates to and development of the SAINT tool are frequent to ensure current vulnerability checks and relevant features that are necessary for a penetration testing practice.
Because of the positive experiences with SAINT Corporation and its products, RavenEye recently instituted a managed scanning service to provide on-demand remote scanning services. The SAINTmanager allows RavenEye to manage remote nodes installed in the client environment and produce efficient reporting for their vulnerability assessment needs.
RavenEye enthusiastically recommends SAINT and its products for anyone seeking efficient solutions for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

— Joseph Kirkpatrick, President

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Industry – Grocery

Bashas' IT Security engineers use the SAINT scanner and SAINTexpoit penetration testing tools for regular network scanning and PCI compliance.

"SAINT Customer Support is the gold standard for assistance. When issues arise, SAINT Customer Support is on the issue and with an average resolution time of less than one hour in most cases. SAINT’s philosophy for support is seeing the problem to resolution, even if the issue is not related to their products.

Ease of implementing the SAINT solution is one of the strengths of their solution. Within a half hour of the appliance being unboxed, we were scanning our network for vulnerabilities. There is virtually no learning curve due to the extensive online help and intuitive interface."

—Lou Labenskyj, Director of IT Security, Bashas' Inc.

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University Federal Credit Union

Industry – Banking/financial services

University Federal Credit Union (UFCU), an Austin based Credit Union, uses SAINT® Integrated Vulnerability Assessment Management solution to implement centralized network vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.


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Level 3 (was Global Crossing)
Industry – Technology (ISP and Security Solutions)

Global Crossing Security Solutions engineers use the SAINT scanner and SAINTexpoit penetration testing tool on customer networks.

"We are very proud to have SAINT as part of our toolkit. All execution times have been reduced, the quality of deliverables has been increased and the satisfaction of our customers has been increased. We think that SAINT is the perfect tool that complements the work of all our consultants in the field of penetration testing and vulnerability assessment."
—Diego Alberto Spahn, Senior Penetration Testing Engineer, Global Crossing Security Solutions

Hacker Academy

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The Hacker Academy Information Security and Training Co.
Industry – Training

SAINT provides The Hacker Academy's students with hands-on security training and helps them develop certified penetration testing skills.

"Not only do we use SAINT to instruct our students in vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, SAINT also helps us demonstrate how real networks are exploited by hackers. It is imperative to understand the bad guys' techniques."
—Aaron Cohen, President, The Hacker Academy