Customer Testimonials

Why Choose SAINT?

"This has got to be the easiest setup that I have seen in years—love the portal, everything I need in one place."
— Marty, DLT Solutions

"RavenEye enthusiastically recommends SAINT and its products for anyone seeking efficient solutions for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. SAINT is extremely valuable for easily identifying any potential vulnerabilities and exploits. The updates to and development of the SAINT tool are frequent to ensure current vulnerability checks and relevant features that are necessary for a penetration testing practice. SAINT support has been of the highest quality for RavenEye."
— Joseph Kirkpatrick, President, Raveneye Ethical Hacking Services

"This software is amazing. Not only does it isolate potential vulnerabilities and problems but it also educates me with detailed cause and resolution information for a variety of systems. Thank you for developing it, I am so glad this software is used to assess the vulnerabilities of so many US Departments, Universities, and institutions world wide."
— David Williams, CEO, FutureNode IT and Consulting

"I just used SAINT exploit to prove a vulnerability for a customer last week; worked great, had a screenshot of the vulnerable server and they were flabergasted... the interface is excellent."
— Jason Ingalls, General Dynamics

"Whereas free, open-source tools such as Nessus and Metasploit were alternatives to SAINT’s paid commercial offerings, WaveGard chose the latter due to its long and successful market history, quality, depth, and usability. To further add to our rationale for choosing these [SAINT] products, SAINT bests the widely used Nessus by 50% or more in the number of exploitable vulnerabilities listed in the National Vulnerabilities Database (NVD) and is well rounded in its flaw identification across Windows, *nix, and Macintosh platforms."
— Grant Moerschel, CISSP, Wavegard, Inc.

"You folks must be the most responsive vendor in this market. Whenever I've made an inquiry, I've had responses from knowledgeable people right away. It is much appreciated."
— Morey, ISO, Financial Services Provider

"I really must thank you for some amazing support. I must say this is literally the best support I've ever received on any piece of software, ever."
Chris Castaldo, U.S. Dept of HHS, AHRQ

"SAINT Customer Support is the gold standard for assistance."
— Lou Labenskyj, Basha's Director of IT Security

"Had SAINT not been used for assessments, the work would take a significant number of man-hours. SAINT often enables our technical staff the ability to provide an initial assessment in less than an hour, sometimes within minutes, of SAINT completing its scan."
— Steven Narro, IT Phenoms, Inc.

“The ease of setup for the appliance and the ability to customize the scans to fit our specific needs is also one of this solution’s strengths.”
— Dan Forck, CB&T Network Services

"All execution times have been reduced, the quality of deliverables has been increased and the satisfaction of our customers has been increased."
— Diego Alberto Spahn, Senior Penetration Testing Engineer, Level 3

"SAINT Corporation has been extremely helpful as we configure and utilize the SAINT scanner product throughout numerous clients – both on location and remotely. As we discover an anomaly or have trouble, ... all we have to do is either call or e-mail the support team and they promptly respond to our needs and requests. Thank you for all your hard work, [SAINT] support team!"
Eric A. Karkau, CISA, Director of Security & Compliance, Guidant Partners