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SAINT 8 Enterprise Deployment Data Sheet

Automated Task Assignment for Easy Remediation Tracking

SAINTmanager® features a centralized trouble/ ticketing system that allows vulnerability remediation to be automatically assigned to the appropriate resource based on a set of rules.

Security issues are prioritized according to vulnerability severity and system criticality. This system enables easy tracking and management of the remediation process.

Enterprise Edition – SAINTmanager®

Remote management console for medium to large enterprises

The SAINTmanager remote management console enables enterprise-wide vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, FDCC & USGCB benchmark auditing, which increases efficiency and reduces the length of time required for the enterprise-wide scanning process. The browser-based console provides the ability to centrally manage an entire network of SAINTscanners located around the globe from a single interface. The centralized management and reporting capability lets a vulnerability assessment team analyze all of the assessment results together and see the overall security posture of the entire enterprise. This allows security and IT groups to work together efficiently to make appropriate decisions about which security issues are most critical, and to focus on the remediation of vulnerabilities with the greatest potential impact.

The ability to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly scans across your enterprise, combined with automatic updates from SAINTexpress, ensures that new vulnerabilities are detected and reported promptly. Once a scan is complete, the console can notify individual system owners of their vulnerabilities via e-mail. SAINT’s hierarchical vulnerability selection screen allows the specification of custom scan policies which can be pushed out to all or selected nodes, for quickly scanning the entire enterprise for selected vulnerabilities.

SAINTmanager’s SSL-encrypted communication protocol ensures that the communication between the management console and all nodes is secure, and that sensitive vulnerability data cannot fall into the wrong hands, even when traveling across the Internet.

  • SAINTmanager at a Glance
  • Benefits
  • Centralized management of multiple SAINTscanner® instances (nodes)
  • Role-based access controls give administrators the ability to specify who is allowed to take what actions on each node, such as running scans and viewing results
  • Dashboard view of vulnerability posture, trouble tickets, and scanner probes
  • Centralized scheduling, scan policy and product updates of all scanners from one GUI
  • Automatic relaying of SAINTexpress® updates ensures that all nodes are kept up-to-date
  • Configuration changes and custom scan policies can be pushed out to a single node, selected nodes, or all nodes at once
  • Built-in trouble ticketing system with priority assignments based on the weight of the host and vulnerability severity
  • Modifiable weight assignment of vulnerability severities that are used for calculation of ticket priority
  • Modifiable weight assignment of hosts that are used to set ticket priority
  • LDAP/Active Directory support
  • Available as a software download or as a pre-configured appliance
  • Quicker enterprise-wide vulnerability scanning, regardless of the size of your organization
  • Distributed architecture – supporting as many remote scanners as needed
  • Delegation of responsibilities to other department owners for assigning administration roles such as scanning, tickets, reporting, etc.
  • Remote access for administration from any Internet connection and a browser
  • Centralized default and custom reporting of threats and risks of the organization
  • Dashboard with trending analysis illustrating if security posture is improving over time
  • SSL encryption ensures that scan results are secure as they travel across the network between the management console and all nodes
  • Easy to use GUI with a similar look and feel to that of SAINT