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SAINT ReportingSAINTwriter reports have colorful charts and graphs

SAINT's reporting module, included with all SAINT products, allows users to quickly design and generate vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, NIST benchmark and industry regulatory compliance reports, and to present the findings of even the largest network scans in an easy-to-read format. This allows managers to see the big picture instantly and helps administrators obtain detailed information for their security plans.

  • Generate custom reports of a SAINT scan’s findings using charts, tables and graphs with over 150 configuration options.
  • Use pre-configured reports to make the process quick and easy.
  • Export to spreadsheets or other applications.
  • Get a long-term perspective on your security program’s improvements and weaknesses with trend analysis reporting.

View Sample Reports

Vulnerability Assessment Reports

SAINT reports include bar charts

Penetration Testing

SAINT reports contain pie Charts

Security & Compliance

SAINT Compliance reports
More SAINT Report Features
  • Integrated and included with all SAINT security products
  • Sixteen types of chart illustrations with options for selecting pie charts, bar graphs and tables that help you quickly identify problem areas
  • Over 150 configuration options allow you to generate a report containing the exact information you need
  • Eight pre-defined report types allow you to get started quickly
  • Multiple format selections such as HTML, PDF, CSV, XML, XCCDF, plain text, and tab separated
  • Private branded reports with your own logo, header graphics, and modifiable paragraphs
  • Correlation of vulnerability cross references such as CVE, CVSS, OVAL, CPE, IAVA, OSVDB, BID, Microsoft IDs, vendor IDs, exploit available, and many more
  • Correlation of host information such as IP Address, Mac address, host name, PCI compliance, PCI failure reason, operating system, Netbios, scan time, and many more
  • Exclusion reporting of all vulnerabilities excluded along with the comment of why the threat was excluded
  • Vulnerability prioritization by illustrating when a vulnerability has an Exploit present, severity levels, CVSS Scores, and whether the vulnerability is confirmed or inferred
  • Mapping of your internal custom control numbers/IDs for correlation of other host and vulnerability data
  • Powerful filtering/sorting to get to the targets and threats you need to visualize
  • Visualization of vulnerabilities by target and the ability to view all targets by vulnerability