Payment Card Industry Compliance

SAINT Corporation has submitted its award-winning software to the PCI SSC and successfully completed the PCI Scanning Vendor Compliance Testing; therefore, SAINT software can be used for your PCI scanning needs. PCI compliance requires BOTH vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. SAINT software provides integrated vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, making it the ideal solution for PCI compliance.

SAINT's vulnerability assessment reports let you see at a glance whether your network is compliant with PCI Security Standards Council requirements.

PCI Details Report      PCI Attestation Report      PCI Executive Report

Watch a video demonstration of how to generate these 3 PCI reports with SAINT 8.

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SAINT is an approved scanning vendor for PCI

Certificate #4268-01-08

PCI Services

SAINT Corporation also provides PCI Services, including internal and external network vulnerability scans and penetration testing; and attestation reports. More information about SAINT's PCI Services.

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SAINT Software Features

The award-winning SAINT technology provides the following features and functionality for meeting PCI Compliance:


On demand reports are available including PCI executive and PCI technical vulnerability assessment and penetration testing reports. Reports can be automatically sent via e-mail upon completion of the audit. SAINT summarizes each system by providing the total number of vulnerabilities and the total number of exploitable vulnerabilities.


Content ScanningScan for Credit Card Numbers

SAINT provides the ability to audit files on your network for specific file patterns. SAINT’s default policy searches for credit card and social security numbers in specific file formats. Then, it provides a report identifying the systems and files that are storing this confidential information so appropriate action can be taken.

Data AnalysisData Analysis

SAINT data can be analyzed using a variety of methods. This enables better decision making about vulnerability data such as accepting risks and excluding false positives from the vulnerability reports, saving time and money.


Integrated FunctionsIntegrated Scanning and Pen Testing

SAINT has one integrated user interface for performing both vulnerability assessments and penetration tests; this makes it easier and less expensive to meet both of these PCI requirements.

DashboardDashboard view

SAINT provides an optional feature for customizing the level of threats that should be ticketed and handled by the remediation department. In addition, SAINT provides a live dashboard view trending the vulnerability data from one or more periods of time to the next. This view illustrates whether your security posture is improving, and shows all outstanding tickets.


Automatic UpdatesAutomatic Updates

SAINT technology is constantly updated to include the latest risks and threats, so users can feel confident that vulnerability detection is up-to-date.