Small Business Solutions

While the Internet offers small businesses many advantages, it also presents security and compliance concerns. SAINT offers easy-to-use security and compliance solutions that require minimal effort, so you can focus on your business operations.

External Security & Compliance

Satisfy your PCI scanning requirements and get the same reporting offered from the industry award winning SAINT scanner technology with the SAINT ASV service. With an Internet connection and a browser, you receive vulnerability assessment and PCI compliance reports without any technical training.

For more advanced small business owners, SAINTCloud™ is available as a cloud solution and includes the full power of SAINT’s vulnerability scanning and penetration testing technology.

Internal Security & Compliance

Vulnerabilities and threats exist across all parts of the network; your internal network is just as important as your perimeter defenses. SAINT offers integrated penetration testing and vulnerability scanner for organizations to perform their own internal assessments with enterprise functionality at a small business price. SAINT can be downloaded as software, or comes as a pre-configured SAINTbox® appliance, meeting the needs of both novice and advanced users. Numerous PCI requirements are also met by selecting one of our internal solutions.

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SAINT Scans for both External and Internal Threats

As shown in the following diagram, SAINT can be used to detect external and internal threats to your infrastructure.

SAINT scans for both External and Internal threats