Customer Quotes:

"SAINT support has been of the highest quality for RavenEye (ethical hacking services.)" — Joseph Kirkpatrick, President

"You guys rock! Your timeliness of response, as well as your technical prowess, never cease to impress me!"

"Fantastic support"

"Thanks for the excellent and comprehensive support responses that we received."

"The support I have received to date has been exceptional."

"Staff was very helpful and exceeded my expectation on this issue"

"Thanks for the quick response!"



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Support Overview

Technical Support

SAINT has a dedicated team of experts committed to providing customers with top quality support on all technical and account related questions. Technical support is available for all SAINT customers by e-mail or phone during normal hours of operation.

Online support is always available through the customer login button (located in the top right corner of this page), which provides access to the mySAINT customer site. The mySAINT site provides SAINT customers with –

  • Product access
  • Online Help documentation
  • On demand videos
  • Account management capabilities

NOTE: The mySAINT site uses Javascript and PERL script. Please ensure your browser and organization’s policy does not filter this site (e.g., “black list”); disallow Javascript; or block web pages with a .pl extension.

Certification Training

SAINT certification training provides world-class support for a world-class product. The two-day hands-on certification course, designed for system administrators and information security professionals, explores complex security issues and teaches strategies for using SAINT effectively to address those challenges. This course is given at SAINT headquarters in Bethesda, MD several times a year, as well as various other locations.