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SAINT 8 Videos and Demonstrations

MSP video   SAINT for MSPs (1 minute)
Watch how SAINT can help MSPs generate revenue by adding security products and services to their offerings
Watch SAINT 8 features video   SAINT 8 Features (3 minutes)
An overview of the SAINT 8 workflow, data analysis, and custom report wizard.

Quick Demo of SAINT 8

  SAINT 8 Quick Demo (3 minutes)
Demonstration of how to set up a new scan job.
SAINT 8 Quick Demo

  Managing Multiple Scanners with SAINT 8
(2 minutes)

Demonstration of multi-node scanning including creating Asset Groups and Load Balancing Scanners.
PCI Reporting   PCI Reporting with SAINT 8 (3 minutes)
Demonstration of creating PCI executive, attestation, and detail reports using SAINT 8.