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SAINT is proud to announce the release of its next-generation product, SAINT 8, as a virtual appliance. No installer to deal with! Platform independence! All new architecture; redesigned user interface, navigation, and workflows; fully integrated access controls; scan, exploit, and configuration assessment in one product! 

Below is a peek at some of the new features in SAINT 8. For more information about SAINT 8, contact

Friendly New Interface Friendly Integrated Interface

Integrated Tools

Scan, exploit, report, view dashboards, and more, all from a single navigation bar. Navigate to other parts of the interface while a scan is running.


Streamlined Interface

User interface based on function (compliance, vulnerability, etc.). Easy selection of scan targets with searches and sorts.


Dynamic Control of Data Presentation

Wide screen grid presentation allows fast queries, dynamic sorting, column selectors and multi-query filtering of data.

Scan Job Queue


Better Workflows Intuitive and Direct WorkflowsSAINT8


Wizard-driven job set up and report creation.


Improved scanning workflow from discovery to target selection/exclusion, policy setup, customization and execution.


Exploit Vulnerability, Exploit & Configuration Audit IntegrationSAINT8 exploits

Because the scanner is integrated with configuration assessments and exploit software, SAINT gives you a holistic picture of your risk profile to help prioritize your remediation to the most critical exploitable vulnerabilities.


Centralized setup, execution, and control of –

  • exploit tools
  • vulnerability-specific exploits
  • penetration testing policies

NIST logo Dedicated SCAP ModuleSAINT8 SCAP interface


All new design to support focused scanning, analysis, and compliance reporting.

Policy editor to create custom policies based on NIST benchmarks.




And Lots More ...


All New Dashboard

  • Dynamic drill-down to results
  • User control of charts and graphs
  • Quick access to scan content



Amazing Analytics

  • Assess risk directly reducing dependence on third party tools
  • Analyze multiple data set scan results
  • Sort, search and order content
  • Define results

Enhanced Policy Customization

  • Create custom policies
  • Custom job-level scan configurations
  • Check policies, ports, exclusions



Asset Management & Access Controls

  • Create asset groups to manage collections of related scan targets
  • User and group level access controls
  • Target restrictions

API for Integration Support

  • Easier integration with third
    party applications and tools
  • Internal portal reporting and presentation




  • SAINT 8 is based on a new architecture enabling scalability to meet our customer's changing needs.